You want people listen to you? Master this one skill

How do we get people listen to us? Increase the value of what you saying. In other words, ensure that whatever you are saying, you are improving the quality of the silence. And if the quality of the silence it’s not improving, then its better left unsaid

So first of all, enhance your own knowledge and your own fund of wisdom so that you can contribute meaningfully. Then people will listen.

And the second, learn the art of how to communicate. You may have the best ideas to give to other people, but you have to know how to convey to them. That is why communication is a great skill to posses.

So how to approach someone when they don’t put any effort at all, while you are giving your maximum effort?

First of all we need to give freedom to everybody, to be what they are, and to accept that. In other words, you may be motivated about something and the other may not. So the acceptance of that is important

Second, what to do about it. The option is to try and motivate the person. How you motivate someone? Supposed you have a colleague and you want that person to help you with a task. What are the ways to motivate your colleague? First you display the reward that person will get. So, if that person do well, will get this reward as a result. And on the other hand you make the person aware of the harm that will happen if he/she don’t succeed. So there is a temptation and the punishment.

This is how most people motivated




Help people build awareness of their capabilities and their potential IG @coachspirosgio

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Spyros Giorgis

Spyros Giorgis

Help people build awareness of their capabilities and their potential IG @coachspirosgio

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